Here are some documented projects. Follow the links for videos, photos and software.

New Media

Shadowgraph Topophony
Sound Surface - Congress St.
ASCII Art Receipt Scrolls
Trojan Chorus - Piñata MIDI Controller
Stock Points Visualization
Silent Gallery - Rejected Ideas

Sound Installation

Hemlock Haunted House


Modular Audio Synthesizer

Circuit Bending

Five Years of Circuit Bent Devices
Bent Landscapes
Device: Fancy Lady Delay
Device: Hexagon Eye


SpaceTools: MySpace to JSON library
Pure Data Sequencers
LumberjackRL: A Lumerjackesque Roguelike game


Seaweed Factory on Vimeo


Portland Board Street Art

Collaborative Shows

November 2019
Hemlock Haunted House *
11 Hemlock Street, Portland, Maine, USA

Silent Gallery Show *
11 Hemlock Street, Portland, Maine, USA

April 2019
Does18 *
Sun Tiki Studios, Portland, Maine, USA

July 2018
Not All Who are Lost Wander Album Release * *
The Apohadion Theater, Portland, Maine, USA

July 2018
Cosmic Bridge Festival *
Thomas Knight Park, South Portland, Maine, USA

June 2016
Waco Sparkler Birdhouse Album Release * *
Empire, Portland, Maine, USA

May 2016
Topophilia *
Zero Station, Portland, Maine, USA

April 2016
In the Jungle of Cities *
Glasgow International, Glasgow, UK

January 2016
í drögum *
Akureyri Art Museum, Akureyri, Iceland

January 2015
Faculty/Alumni Exhibition *
USM Gallery, Gorham, Maine, USA

February 2014
Valentine's Die Puppet Show *
Slainte, Portland, Maine, USA

October 2013
Dream Field Trip
The Oak + Ax, Biddeford, Maine, USA

September 2012
Sacred & Profane Festival *
Battery Steele, Peaks Island, Maine, USA

May 2012
Cinco De Mayo Celebration *
Portland Children's Museum, Portland, Maine, USA

February 2012
WMPG Local Motives Radio Show *
University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine, USA

November 2011
Sound + Vision * *
North Dam Mill, Biddeford, Maine, USA

November 2010 - March 2012
Semi-Annual Hardware Night Series 1-5
The Big Easy, Portland, Maine, USA