Below are a collection of various sites whose contents are useful, interesting or both. There is lots of great work that can be a bit difficult to find, so here it is gathered in one spot. Please report faulty links here.


Dirk Lindhof: Synthlab
Furrtek: Digital Hardware Hacking
James Schidlowsky: Handmade Electronics
Marc Bareille: Papareil Synth Labs
Marc Marc Amsterdam: Handcrafted Custom Designed Electronics
Michael Barton: Alternate SDIY Designs
Ricard Wolf Wanderlöf: Homemade Synthesizers
Scott Bernardi: og2 Synthesizer
Sonic Crayon: Experimental Effects
Tom Wiltshire: The Electric Druid
Xavier Hosxe: PreenFM2 Synthesizer

Electronic Music Aggregators

Attack Magazine: London electronic music editorials
MATRIXSYNTH: Everything Synth
Resident Advisor: Online electronic music magazine
Synthtopia: Electronic Music portal

Everything To Do With:

Akai MPC File Formats
EMU Samplers and Drum Machines
Korg DSS-1
PPG Wavetable Synths
Roland SP-x0x Samplers
Waldorf Wave
Yamaha A-X000 Samplers
Yamaha TX81Z


Synthesizer Manual Archive

Puredata (pd)

Programming Electronic Music in Pd
Pure Data (the book)
The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music by Miller Puckette
Miller Puckette’s Online MUS171 Class


Chua Circuits: Chaos Circuits in Depth
Granular Synthesis by Timothy Opie
Multi Component Particle Transform Synthesis
SPEAR: Sinusoidal Partial Editing Analysis and Resynthesis software
Wolzow's Analysis of Analog and Digital Music Gear


Live PA: Working with Music Hardware in a Live Setting