Yamaha EMP100 Impulse Responses

Today we have a collection of impulse responses for the Yamaha EMP100. These files can be loaded into a convolution reverb to simulate the processing of the Yamaha EMP100. Each response was recorded directly using a transient sample. Only reverb and early reflection (ER) presets were sampled. Each file is labeled with its original preset number and title.

Download Yamaha EMP100 Impulse Response Pack

Here are descriptions from the patch list provided with the unit.

01 Large Hall Reverb 1
02 Large Hall Reverb 2
These two programs simulate the reverberation of two different large halls. Both are excellent "general-use" reverb effects.

03 Room Reverb 1
04 Room Reverb 2
These effects produce the type of reverberation you'd experience in a small to medium-size room with hard wall surfaces. Both are particularly effective with drum or percussive sounds.

05 Vocal Reverb 1
06 Vocal Reverb 2
An ideal reverb effect for use with solo vocals or chorus.

07 Plate Reverb 1
08 Plate Reverb 2
These are relatively "soft" reverb effects that are well suited for use with strings or brass.

09 Hall ER
This is a straightforward early-reflection effect that has a distinct "gated" feel.

10 Random ER
A somewhat "rougher" sound than the Hall ER program.

11 Reverse ER
The level of the reflections increases rather than decreasing with time, producing an effect similar to that of a tape recording played backwards.

12 Spring ER
This program simulates the sound of a spring reverb unit, and produces a much tighter sound than the Hall ER program.

31 Piano Hall
A natural reverb simulation that is ideally suited to piano.

34 Church
This is a reverb program that will make organ voices sound as if they are being played in a spacious church.

38 Attack Brass Reverb
This sharp, short reverb effect will help brass section phrases to stand out.

64 Room Ambience
An excellent effect to add ambience to rhythm machine sequences.

65 Hall Ambience
A very reflective, "live" ambience for all types of drums.

66 Bright Ambience
A basic but bright ambience that can bring your drum sound to life.

67 Tight Ambience
This tight, punchy reverb is a good choice for simple drum phrases.

68 Hard Room
This is a rather pronounced ambience effect that can be used for a range of instruments in addition to drums.

69 Kick Reverb
Recommended for use with rhythm machine bass drum sounds. Also good for toms.

71 Snare Reverb
An orthodox snare drum reverb effect.

74 Reverse Gate
A popular effect for a wide range of drums and percussion sounds.

75 Percussion Gate
Indispensable for cowbell, conga, and other percussion instruments that have a strong attack. Can really being an instrument forward in an ensemble.

76 Percussion Reverse Gate
A reverse gate created specifically for use with percussion instruments. Use on instruments you want to stand out.

79 Percussion Reverb
The fundamental reverb for all percussion instruments. You can lengthen the reverb time a bit to make this effect perfect for use in slow tunes.

80 Percussion Room
A very spacious reverb that is useful with all percussion instruments.

81 Percussion ER
A fairly short gate-like effect adds a unique touch to percussion.

82 Shaker Reverse
This one adds a reverse effect to shaker sounds. Try it for extra impact in introductions.

85 Vocal Reverb
A basic and very useful reverb for vocals.

88 Bathroom
This effect should need no explanation. If you've ever sung in the bathroom, you've heard it before.

98 Long Tunnel
Quite a reverb - about 12 seconds worth, in fact.

More impulse responses for other effects units can be found on the Sample Pack page. If you would like to help support the production of these entirely free sample packs, consider buying an album from our Bandcamp!

Rabbit Rabbit Now Available

A new album from Moonrocks, Rabbit Rabbit, is now available on Bandcamp.
Check it out and consider supporting our efforts by purchasing an album.

Roland D-10 Battery Replacement

This Roland D-10 was sitting in a local vintage shop going unused because all its patches seemed to be stuck in split mode. A quick check online produced this forum thread. The synth was purchased with hopes that a new backup battery would correct the memory problems.

Here are the steps that were used to replace the decades-old backup battery.

PDFImgEx: Extract Images From PDFs

There's lots of great free open source software out there, but sometimes it can be challenging to find a simple utility to accomplish a task. I was trying to extract some images from a PDF file for further processing and could not find an easy solution. Therefore, I've created this tool called PDFImgEx for extracting all images from a PDF in their native format. It only does this one task, no conversion or post-processing.

It is a command line tool written in C#. Currently, it is only available for Windows. However, the source is available on GitHub if anyone wishes to port it to .NET Core or some other language. It is really just a wrapper around iTextSharp.

A compiled release for Windows is available here. Extract the zip and view the readme.txt file to get acquainted.

It can be used in conjunction with ImageMagick when conversion is necessary. If you are dealing with JP2 (JPEG 2000) files, I recommend ImageMagick. Here's a great little command to convert .JP2 files into PNGs:

magick mogrify -format png *.jp2

Please let us know if you find it useful.

DIY Modular Synth Bass Samples Packs

Today we feature three samples packs we have been waiting quite a while to release. Each was produced using our DIY Modular Synth and focuses on a different module from a couple of very influential inventors.

It is also our chance to pay tribute to Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space, who passed away in 2016. Ray inspired us to starting building the modular way back in 2006 and it features many of his designs. He is greatly missed.

Music From Outer Space Bass Pack

Our first pack contains recordings which feature the Music From Outer Space State Variable Filter. The focus is mainly on bass sounds. This filter circuit was created by the late and very great Ray Wilson. The filter provides three 12db/octave modes: Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass. It is a solid all-around filter without too much bite. More details on the filter can be found here:

Music From Outer Space

Each patch is included in a separate folder. Each patch is a different configuration of the modular system.
For all patches a MFOS 1V/Oct VCO feeds the filter, which then feeds a MFOS VCA. Various other modulation modules are used depending on the patch.

You can download the pack here.

Steiner Synthacon Bass Pack

This second pack contains recordings which feature the Cat Girl Synth Steiner-Parker Tribute Filter. This filter circuit is based on the design found in the Steiner-Parker Synthacon Synthesizer. It is different than traditional filter in that it has inputs for each type of response: Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass. All three can be used simultaneously, with a mixed output appearing at the output jack. Modulating the cutoff scans between the inputs. The filter also has a very aggressive and unique resonance. This has been further enhanced on our module by including a switch which kicks the output into overdrive using a high gain circuit. The module itself was designed by Ken Stone. More details on the filter can be found here:

CGS35 - Steiner Filter

You can download the pack here.

Triple Wave Multiplier Bass Pack

The third and final pack contains recordings which feature the Cat Girl Synth Wave Multiplier module. This module operates on smooth waveforms to add progressively more harmonics by folding the wave over on itself. There are three methods for doing this: the Serge based folder, a Lockhart wavefolder (with AC and DC modes) and the Grinder. All have their own unique sound, with Serge being the smoothest and the Grinder being the most aggressive. The module itself was designed by Ken Stone. More details on the module can be found here:

CGS29 - Wave Multiplier

You can download the pack here.

Dry Eyes - Shadow Movement

Dry Eyes from Chicago recently wrote to share a composition made entirely using the FM_SK sample pack paired with Renoise. You can hear it on Bandcamp.

Please let us know about your creations using our free sample packs.

Not All Who are Lost Wander

Gothic Croutons has just released their first EP, titled Not All Who are Lost Wander. You can find it on Bandcamp.

It features the work of Seth Lockman of WMPG's Radio Astronomy, Jon Bangs of Lug and Brian Chick.

Artwork by William Hessian of Hidden Ladder Collective.

Recorded, produced and mastered in Portland, Maine.

Yamaha PS-35 Sample Pack

This sample pack features sounds from a Yamaha PS-35 keyboard. This keyboard contains 12 presets which combine FM synthesis with an analog chorus circuit. The chorus offers three independent settings: bypassed, chorus and tremolo. The tremolo setting adds amplitude modulation to the chorus effect. Each preset has been sampled with the chorus setting active. All 49 keys were recorded for each preset. Samples start on MIDI note C2 (note 24).

Additionally, as a bonus, some of the PCM drum samples are provided. It was not possible to isolate the drums into separate sounds, so some of the sounds contain an extra high-hat hit here and there. Sounds from the bass arpeggio generator are also included with no chorus, chorus and tremolo active.

Download Yamaha PS-35 Sample Pack

If you would like to help support the production of these entirely free sample packs, consider buying an album from our Bandcamp!

Bytmasque Out Now On Bandcamp

There is a new Moonrocks album called Bytmasque out now on Bandcamp.

The album deals will changes taking place here in Portland, Maine over the last four years as our small city has become a popular destination. Rents have skyrocketed with the demand. People are moving in while many more are moving out. Some things improve, others are lost. The character of the town is very different and it has been difficult adjusting. It's been said that our town is "growing up". This album attempts to make some sense of these changes using the created mythology of the Bytmasque character.

For the first time, this album has an accompanying artwork book. It is filled with articles and digital artwork.

The album is available using Bandcamp's Name-Your-Price model and can be had for free if you enter a price of $0 after clicking Buy Now.