Sizz Records Compilation Vol. 3

There's new Moonrocks music out on the Sizz Records Compilation Vol. 3.

Proceeds from the album go to benefit The New Equality Community Center (ECC) in Portland, Maine.

Two New Reverb Plugins Now Available

Seaweed Factory is proud to present two new Max4Live reverb plugins!


DulseVerb is an algorithmic reverb for Max4Live that recreates the sound of early reverberators. It has three sections: early reflections, diffusion and late reflections.


KelpVerb is an algorithmic reverb for Max4Live that recreates the sonic character of recirculation reverberators.

Theses plugins were built in Max version 8.1.11 and have been tested with Max4Live from Ableton Live 10.1.42. A version of Ableton which supports Max4Live is required to use these reverb plugins.

Both are available on through the Seaweed Factory gumroad store.

Use the discount code sfblog for a 50% discount.

Everyone Else is Asleep series

We're proud to announce the release of Everyone Else is Asleep, a new series on based on a short story by Billy Hanson from his horror anthology Spider Season. It features a soundtrack by Moonrocks, with illustrations by Karl Slominski.

Here's a preview of the series.

New episodes will be released every day in October. You can watch them here.

The soundtrack features pieces from the albums Slow Television and On a Sunlit Low.

Two Remastered Moonrocks Albums Now Available Digitally

Two new Moonrocks albums are now available online for the first time. Previously, these albums were only available as very limited physical releases. They have been remastered to provide a more even listening experience.

With Ghosts

With Ghosts is the final album in a triptych starting with In A Nuclear Age and 1859. The majority of the music is of a more ambient nature. It was recorded 200x-2008 in Portland, Maine and Boston, but never released. Production by Moonrocks, featuring contibutions from Josh Lemay and Jeremy "Rosma" Strain.


7000 is a compilation of early recordings exploring electronic music composition. Most of the album was pulled off of old cassette tapes.

Drowned World EP

Drowned World is a new project with a bandmate from Torbit. We have recently released a self-titled EP. Dedicated to the vastness of the ocean, it is our tribute to the obscure internet genre "Oceangrunge" as well as the wave-battered coastline of Maine.

Sample Pack Links Fixed

An update to Google Drive caused most of the sample pack links to stop working. The links have been refreshed to fix this issue.

Seaweedfactory Feature with William Hessian

I'll be participating in William Hessian's Twitch stream tonight, 4/6/2021, at 8PM EST in celebration of the release of the Polyjazx EP.

I'll also be going over some past projects and talking about a new project.

Check out more of Will's work on his website or Patreon.

Polyjazx EP Out Now

The Polyjazx EP is out now on Bandcamp.

Cover art by Cover art by James Holcombe.

James also makes science-themed greeting cards.

Gain Vaults EP

Gain Vaults, an EP by Moonrocks, is out now on Bandcamp.