On A Sunlit Low

A new album from Moonrocks, On A Sunlit Low, is now available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Silent Gallery Show

Seaweed Factory prepared an installation for the Silent Gallery Show at 11 Hemlock St in Portland, Maine on November 22nd, 2019.

Read more about it here.

Hemlock Haunted House Sound Installation

A four-channel sound installation piece was created for the 2019 Haunted House at 11 Hemlock Street in Portland, Maine.

Recreate the sonic experience at home with this release.


RadioDataParser is a tool for extracting license data from the FCC's Universal Licensing System advanced search and converting it to CSV.

When using the search, results can be emailed to a user. The result format is somewhat archaic, so this tool was written to convert the data to a more readable CSV, comma separated value, format.

The program and its source code can be found on GitHub.

The search it operates on is available here:


Portland Board Street Art

Here is a collection of photos of a new type of street art which started appearing in Portland, Maine a few years ago.

Each piece consists of a painted board attached to a street sign with wire. The earliest photo dates to 2017.


SpaceTools is a library of tools for scraping MySpace data to JSON.

The library itself can be found on GitHub:


SpaceTool is a command line interface to SpaceTools library.


See the GitHub pages for documentation.

Kurzweil K2000 OS ROM Upgrade

This tutorial will show the process for upgrading the OS for the Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer. The OS itself is stored on two EPROM chips, called the Hi ROM and the Lo ROM. This upgrade was purchased from SynthPlus on eBay, as the original upgrade is difficult to get directly from Kurzweil. I've followed their guide, which is available here. Some steps were slightly different due to the PRAM upgrade in this unit.

MSYN_SK Sample Pack

Here is a new sample pack produced using a Seaweed Factory MSYN Microsynth. The MSYN is a tiny microsynth containing an oscillator which modulates another oscillator, followed by a gating circuit with variable gate width. The entire signal path is analog and built around a 40106 hex inverter IC. Each sample was then processed using a modified Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard to give the synth tones more weirdness and distortion.

A similar sample pack was produced for the TX81z and SK-1 some time ago.

Download MSYN_SK Sample Pack

If you would like to help support the production of these entirely free sample packs, consider buying an album from our Bandcamp.

Akai MPC 1000 Reverb Impulse Response Pack

This is a collection of impulse responses for the reverb effect on the Akai MPC 1000 sampler. These files can be loaded into a convolution reverb to simulate the processing of the Akai MPC 1000. Each response was recorded directly using a transient sample. The reverb effect has four parameters:

Input Filter
HF Damp (High-frequency damping)
Reverb Level

Input Filter was set to 32 for all samples to fully open the filter and bypass most of its effect. This could be simulated by adding a filter plugin before the convolution reverb. Reverb Level was set to 99 to get the maximum possible signal level. Time and HF Damp were varied for each sample to allow a range of options. Time was sampled in roughly 10 unit increments, from 0 to 99. HF Damp was sampled in 8 unit increments, from 0 to 32.

The filenames are marked with the settings. For example,


means HF Damp was set to 24 and Time was set to 30.

Download Akai MPC 1000 Reverb Impulse Response Pack

More impulse responses for other effects units can be found on the Sample Pack page. If you would like to help support the production of these entirely free sample packs, consider buying an album from our Bandcamp!