Trojan Chorus Piñata MIDI Controller


Trojan Chorus is piñata shaped MIDI controller. It stands 7 feet tall and is constructed entirely out of cardboard and construction paper. This instrument is played by striking different regions of the piñata. Piezo microphone sensors under the construction paper skin send signals to a microcontroller when struck. The microcontroller translates a hit on each sensor into a MIDI note.

Johnathan Cook, Don Dumont and Seaweed Factory worked together to produce this piece. The MIDI microcontroller was provided by Highly Liquid. A simple transistor circuit was used to interface each sensor to the microcontroller.


This piece was created for Sound + Vision, a companion art show for the release of Treble Treble 3 by Eternal Otter Records. The release compiles musicians from the state of Maine. The companion show featured artwork by each artist on the compilation. It was held in 2011 at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford, Maine on November 18 and 19th.

The Portland Children's Museum also showed the Trojan Chorus for Cinco De Mayo in 2012.

DE:BUG magazine featured the piece in its Musiktechnik section in 2012.

It was last seem heading to a birthday party somewhere in southern Maine.
Its whereabouts are currently unknown.

Sensor Interface Circuit

This simple transistor buffer connects to the Highly Liquid MIDICPU.