Tech 21 Boost RVB and DOD FX90 Delay Impulse Response Packs

Today we have two more impulse response packs for use with convolution reverbs. Two guitar pedals were sampled for their responses.

First we have the Boost RVB from Tech21 NYC. This quirky little reverb emulation produces some strange and ringy dark reverbs. It is very easy to drive into oscillation, which makes a very eerie sound. It has been measured at a number of settings and decay lengths.

To follow up the reverb pedal, we have a junky old analog delay pedal: the DOD FX90 Delay. It is a very short delay and the mix control doesn't do very good job at keeping the dry signal out. Wiping the Delay knob back and forth will cause the unit to tend towards oscillation, even without an input signal. It is dirty, so measuring it was a bit tricky. The results are available below.

Download Tech 21 NYC Boost RVB Impulse Response Pack

Download DOD FX90 Delay Impulse Response Pack

Both packs can be downloaded from the Sample Packs page. If you've enjoyed these, please let me know as there are other units that could also be measured in a similar fashion.

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