Stock Points Visualization


This piece shows a visualization of popular stocks throughout the trading day. The change in value since the start of the day is represented by the shade of gray. Brighter values represent a positive change, while darker values represent a loss. Data is sourced from the Yahoo! Financial API. It is then averaged and manipulated using a C# program to convert it into the height map seen above. The image above shows the raw height map on display for a show at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham, Maine.

The concept was developed in cooperation with Johnathan Cook, who also produced the print. It was shown as part of the Faculty/Alumni Exhibition at the University of Southern Maine Gallery in Gorham, Maine in January of 2015.


The program which was written to create the image can be found on GitHub as the StockVisAg project.

Heightmap Rendering

During development of this piece, 3D modeling of the heightmap was explored. Below are some images that arose from experiments using heightmap displacement in Blender.