Roland JX3P - Bass Sample Pack

This sample pack is the third of three in a series of packs featuring the Roland JX3P Synthesizer, released in 1983.

The third pack focuses on bass patches. It also includes a vibes patch.
The four patches included have been multisampled directly from the synthesizer. The JX3P can produce 61 notes, starting at C3 (midi note 36) on up through C8 (midi note 96). Each note had been individually sampled for an extended period of time to capture the behaviour of the built-in chorus. Samples are labelled by patch name and midi note number. Each folder contains a full set of all the sounds the JX3P can make for that patch.

Download Roland JX3P - Bass Sample Pack

Part 1, Strings and Pads, can be found here. This post also contains instructions on using the samples in Ableton Live 9.
Part 2, Effects, can be found here.


Metal Bass Metallic tinged bass
Submarine Bass Modulated hit bass with a strange attack
Vibes Vibraphone-like sound
Vox Bass Squelch bass with vocal like sustain

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