Friday, February 26, 2010

Adam B's Secret Weapon

Testing the finished result. The secret weapon is an analog resampler and analog filter. It is controlled by a variable shape LFO. Wet and dry sounds can be mixed together internally. A preamp is also provided to boost the signal.

Here's some of the build process:

Testing the analog resampler circuit on some Casio drums

Testing the expression pedal control circuit

Testing the entire circuit with the new power supply

Power supply

The analog resampler

Modulation generator on breadboard

Modulation generator circuit board

Modulation board with the preamp and mixer added

Circuit boards mounted on standoffs

Flying wires!

Case drilled

Case labelled

Wiring nightmare!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Circuit Bent Casio SA-40

Here's a circuit bent Casio SA-40. A button was added which allows for selecting hidden instruments, which greatly increases the amount of sounds this keyboard can make. An adjustable crash button allows for the traditional Casio glitch stream. A feedback knob allows the sounds to be overdriven.

See this post on for information about the hidden instrument bend.