Roland D-10 Battery Replacement

This Roland D-10 was sitting in a local vintage shop going unused because all its patches seemed to be stuck in split mode. A quick check online produced this forum thread. The synth was purchased with hopes that a new backup battery would correct the memory problems.

Here are the steps that were used to replace the decades-old backup battery.

PDFImgEx: Extract Images From PDFs

There's lots of great free open source software out there, but sometimes it can be challenging to find a simple utility to accomplish a task. I was trying to extract some images from a PDF file for further processing and could not find an easy solution. Therefore, I've created this tool called PDFImgEx for extracting all images from a PDF in their native format. It only does this one task, no conversion or post-processing.

It is a command line tool written in C#. Currently, it is only available for Windows. However, the source is available on GitHub if anyone wishes to port it to .NET Core or some other language. It is really just a wrapper around iTextSharp.

A compiled release for Windows is available here. Extract the zip and view the readme.txt file to get acquainted.

It can be used in conjunction with ImageMagick when conversion is necessary. If you are dealing with JP2 (JPEG 2000) files, I recommend ImageMagick. Here's a great little command to convert .JP2 files into PNGs:

magick mogrify -format png *.jp2

Please let us know if you find it useful.

DIY Modular Synth Bass Samples Packs

Today we feature three samples packs we have been waiting quite a while to release. Each was produced using our DIY Modular Synth and focuses on a different module from a couple of very influential inventors.

It is also our chance to pay tribute to Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space, who passed away in 2016. Ray inspired us to starting building the modular way back in 2006 and it features many of his designs. He is greatly missed.

Music From Outer Space Bass Pack

Our first pack contains recordings which feature the Music From Outer Space State Variable Filter. The focus is mainly on bass sounds. This filter circuit was created by the late and very great Ray Wilson. The filter provides three 12db/octave modes: Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass. It is a solid all-around filter without too much bite. More details on the filter can be found here:

Music From Outer Space

Each patch is included in a separate folder. Each patch is a different configuration of the modular system.
For all patches a MFOS 1V/Oct VCO feeds the filter, which then feeds a MFOS VCA. Various other modulation modules are used depending on the patch.

You can download the pack here.

Steiner Synthacon Bass Pack

This second pack contains recordings which feature the Cat Girl Synth Steiner-Parker Tribute Filter. This filter circuit is based on the design found in the Steiner-Parker Synthacon Synthesizer. It is different than traditional filter in that it has inputs for each type of response: Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass. All three can be used simultaneously, with a mixed output appearing at the output jack. Modulating the cutoff scans between the inputs. The filter also has a very aggressive and unique resonance. This has been further enhanced on our module by including a switch which kicks the output into overdrive using a high gain circuit. The module itself was designed by Ken Stone. More details on the filter can be found here:

CGS35 - Steiner Filter

You can download the pack here.

Triple Wave Multiplier Bass Pack

The third and final pack contains recordings which feature the Cat Girl Synth Wave Multiplier module. This module operates on smooth waveforms to add progressively more harmonics by folding the wave over on itself. There are three methods for doing this: the Serge based folder, a Lockhart wavefolder (with AC and DC modes) and the Grinder. All have their own unique sound, with Serge being the smoothest and the Grinder being the most aggressive. The module itself was designed by Ken Stone. More details on the module can be found here:

CGS29 - Wave Multiplier

You can download the pack here.

Dry Eyes - Shadow Movement

Dry Eyes from Chicago recently wrote to share a composition made entirely using the FM_SK sample pack paired with Renoise. You can hear it on Bandcamp.

Please let us know about your creations using our free sample packs.