DIY Modular Audio Synthesizer

Here is some documentation of our Do-It-Yourself Modular Audio Synthesizer project, started ten years ago in 2006. Sounds from this system have appeared on a number of productions.

However, mostly it has been constructed for the fun of making strange drone noises.

Shadowgraph Topophony Now Showing

Shadowgraph Topophony by Johnthan Cook and Seaweed Factory is showing at zero station in Portland, Maine through to July 8th, 2016.

The SoundSurface project on GitHub has also been updated with new routines used to create these images.

Yamaha RX21 Drum Machine Sample Pack

Another sample pack is available. A Yamaha RX21 drum machine has been sampled. Each individual drum sound is provided as a 24-bit 48K wave file.

The sample pack can be found here: Yamaha RX21 Drum Machine Sample Pack

Site Redesign

The site has been redesigned as it was getting difficult to keep things properly up to date.

Most of the content has been moved to sections, which can be accessed by the links at the top of this page. Old posts contain now contain a message saying the post has moved to one of these sections and a appropriate link.


Periodic updates, brings you back here. There will be much less content here as it will all move to appropriate sections.


Projects contains a listing of links to various projects completed over the years. Information from all circuit bending, new media and software posts has been moved here.


Long form posts make more sense as standalone tutorials. Useful information posts and guides have been moved here.

Sample Packs

Sample pack posts will move here. For now, the list of sample packs is now available here as a convenient way to find sample pack posts.


Links to various music projects are now collected here.


This section is not yet active.

Contact Us

Contact information can now be found here.

Additionally, all software has moved to Github. You can browse the repositories here: