Circuit Bent Learning Toy Sample Pack

All samples were produced with a circuit bent off-brand/unmarked learning toy. This toy has multiple modes for learning letters and numbers. A pitch control has been fitted, which can cause the toy to crash when clocked fast enough. A switch has also been added to activate a strange pitch glitch mode. Both controls are used throughout the sample set to produce weird sounds. Later samples has been extracted form a glitch stream caused by clocking the toy at its extremes. Samples are 48K/24 bit, with -0.3db normalization applied.

Download Learning Toy Sample Pack

Casio Rapman Sample Pack

Here is a complete sample set of the Casio Rapman keyboard. Hits come from drum pads and scratch wheel on the device. Each patch was multi-sampled, with a C note for three octaves. Patch 41 is percussive and has 4 hits instead. Each Rap is a drum loop, sometimes with bass or keys added.

Download Casio Rapman Sample Pack

DIY Modular Audio Synthesizer

Here is some documentation of our Do-It-Yourself Modular Audio Synthesizer project, started ten years ago in 2006. Sounds from this system have appeared on a number of productions.

However, mostly it has been constructed for the fun of making strange drone noises.

Shadowgraph Topophony Now Showing

Shadowgraph Topophony by Johnthan Cook and Seaweed Factory is showing at zero station in Portland, Maine through to July 8th, 2016.

The SoundSurface project on GitHub has also been updated with new routines used to create these images.