Bytmasque Out Now On Bandcamp

There is a new Moonrocks album called Bytmasque out now on Bandcamp.

The album deals will changes taking place here in Portland, Maine over the last four years as our small city has become a popular destination. Rents have skyrocketed with the demand. People are moving in while many more are moving out. Some things improve, others are lost. The character of the town is very different and it has been difficult adjusting. It's been said that our town is "growing up". This album attempts to make some sense of these changes using the created mythology of the Bytmasque character.

For the first time, this album has an accompanying artwork book. It is filled with articles and digital artwork.

The album is available using Bandcamp's Name-Your-Price model and can be had for free if you enter a price of $0 after clicking Buy Now.