Monday, February 13, 2012

40106 Microsynth - Design

Here's a follow-up to this demo of a simple 40106 microsynth. I decided to challenge myself and build this into as small a box as I could. The brown knob controls the rate of the gating oscillator, the blue knob controls the width, the gray knob controls the volume, the green knob controls the tune of the main oscillator, and the red knob controls the tune of the modulation oscillator. This simple synth was used during the WMPG radio show earlier this month.

Here's a hand drawn schematic of the microsynth. A stereo version could be easily constructed as only half of the 40106 is used. MPF102 FET transistors are used as both a gate and a voltage controlled resistor. The circuit could use many improvements to make it more stable, however, I like the instability in the sound that results from this circuit. Try building one for yourself!

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